Uncontested Divorce

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Why do we need a Divorce attorney if our divorce is uncontested?

Some couples who are planning to divorce are on very good personal terms with one another. For whatever reason they have decided to dissolve their marriage. Perhaps they have an uncontested divorce. They have no conflicts no disagreements and are transparent in all of their communication. They agree on how all of their assets will be divided they agree on child custody and visitation on child support as well as long-term financial obligations. These situations are very rare exceptions.

However it is more often the case that a family experiencing divorce in Georgia has difficulty communicating (and agreeing on) exactly what they want in their divorce. Even if partners are on good terms with one another once they begin discussing their assets or debts (homes cars boats businesses investments student loans bank accounts) they often realize that an "uncontested divorce" can be quite complex.

A divorce lawyer to help with a Georgia uncontested divorce

At our law office in Marietta, Georgia we see it quite often: a person comes into the office saying they need help modifying their divorce agreement. They have already agreed to divorce and believed that they had agreed on all the details. Months or even years later they find they have made a mistake anticipating the long-term effects of their divorce agreement. Georgia law is very strict and clear on modifications.  Property division can never be modified and everything else is subject to proving substantial changes in material conditions (custody support etc.)

My philosophy is (to the maximum extent possible) facilitate that the parties should do it once right and (hopefully) never do it again. Once an initial court order is reached starting over is usually time consuming and expensive.

In other cases a couple submits the legal paperwork to be divorced and the paperwork is not accepted because they have made errors or did not fully respond to the legal requirements.

Whether contested or not, divorce is complex in Georgia. This is especially true when child custody support property division and alimony are concerned.

By contacting Cobb County Divorce attorney Mark F. Milhollin at Mark F. Milhollin, P.C., you may be able to avoid many of the problems that divorcing couples often confront. 

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