How to Select a Family Law Attorney

Finding the Right Family Law Lawyer for Your Needs

Most of my clients are going through some personal or physical health related events that allow them to honestly say that they are going through either the worst or one of the worst times in their lives. That much is a given. Typically I know that much is true even before we are holding much of a conversation.

I have represented doctors lawyers professional athletes and high level government employees. I have also represented people of many different backgrounds from many different countries as well as the very rich the very poor and the famous as well as the infamous. I have helped people to pay for houses and cars and to pay for their kids to go to college. I have also helped people to just be able to buy groceries and pay their monthly bills. But what I am proudest of is simply being able to call a person "my client". To me that is a trusted privilege. That simple title of "My Client" means that I owe that person not only my time and professional advice but also the full measure of my knowledge patience understanding and loyalty. First rate representation is always the product of personal sacrifice on the part of attorneys.

Any lawyer can call a person whom they represent and who agrees to pay them money "a client" but when I call a person "my client" to me that means that they will get an unparalleled and first rate level of legal representation. Lawyers are much vilified (and misunderstood) in our society. There are many billion dollar corporations and politicians running for office that see to that on a regular basis. However the truth is that most lawyers are out to serve society and do good toward others as opposed to simply doing well for themselves financially. This very country and our entire system of government rests on the bedrock of a great many such lawyers.

I take the fact that most all of my business is either from word of mouth referrals from past clients or from others lawyers sending potential clients my way to mean that I have helped some people out in their time of need. I try my best to be the type of lawyer that I would go to myself the lawyer that I would send my friends and family members to without any hesitation. If you want a lawyer who will care more about you and your particular legal situation than how your entire check account balance will fit into their quarterly profit margin then you might ought to give my office a call today.

Although I do initially provide free telephone consultations on domestic relations or general civil litigation cases I typically will need to meet with you on a discounted but paid consultation for about 2 hours in order for me to understand your situation respond to your questions and to make my professional recommendations. Thereafter I will set a retainer based on what you want and need to have done. On personal injury cases those cases are generally done on a contingency fee basis and I do not charge for in-office consultations in those cases.

When we get to meet I will discuss your immediate legal concerns tell you what I think and together we can formulate a plan of action during the conduct of which I will hopefully be honored for you to permit me to call you "my client".

Mark F. Milhollin